Spirit Film Festival is a celebration of the SPIRIT. The spirit is the vital essence that gives life to the body and soul, and what connects us to human beings, nature and other realms. 

Spirit Film Festival is dedicated to spread ideas that contribute to the evolution of consciousness and inspire transformation through films. Our purpose is to showcase cinematic gems that empower the audience to live kinder, wiser, and more enlightened lives.

Our vision is to create a new reality, one of mindful people living in harmony with our environment and each other. Through conscious media, we believe we can tell and create the new story of humanity. 


3 Days – 15 Films – 30 events - 3 venues - 16 speakers + oversea guests.

The international film festival “Spirit” will take place from November 7th to 9th, 2019, in Tel Aviv’s Cinematheque for the 13th time.

The festival showcases the best of transformational movies that uplift, inspire, and educate. Including inspirational stories and themes related to wellness, self-discovery, consciousness, spiritual paths & practice, body-mind science, organic and plant-based nutrition and sustainable living.
The festival includes both documentary, narrative features, as well as short films plus filmmaker Q&A's, panels, and pairing films with inspiring talks.


The highlight of the festival, Spirit screen the world's leading films in the Mind-body-spirit genre. 
All films are Israeli or world Premieres.

“Cinema Nirvana” events, pairing films with inspiring talks

New age Fair

  performances, and a colorful new age fair offering a space for venders to

 sale and introduce products for meditation, healing, organic cosmetic all to

       complete the SPIRIT experience.

Tel- Aviv Cinematheque
 five luxurious auditoriums equipped with state-of-the-art projection and sound systems, Tel Aviv Cinematheque is home for SPIRIT film program.

Over sea Guest
post-screening presentations with international

filmmakers, directors and producers

Social Gathering
Festival attendees have the opportunity to share ideas, network, relax and enjoy each other’s company



SPIRIT Audience
 We offer the ideal platform for branding, exposure and access to the Conscious Consumer –a population with significant buying power who are mindful, yet media-oriented and tech-friendly. Growing, identifiable and interconnected, this audience serves as the tipping point to promote enlightened ideas, products and services


Big impressions in pre and post festival exposure via media coverage, website impressions, electronic newsletters, print and digital advertising and social media

Media coverage in national and international publications
TV & Radio.


Each season, SPIRIT searches out the year's most compelling, paradigm - shifting, life-affirming films.

The festival showcases narrative features, documentaries and shorts in the mind-body-spirit genre. Including inspirational stories and themes related to wellness, self discovery, consciousness, spiritual practice, body-mind science, organic and plant based nutrition and sustainable living.

Thought leaders  and special guests

We host some of the leading thinkers in spirituality, wellness and personal development in Israel Including
Prof. Yakov Raz, Freidi Margalit, Dr. Naava Lavit , Zen Master Nisim Amon and others. other special guests are including film makers, producers and musicians.   


In 2001 Harsita and Anamika Eshel, partners in life and in action establish "Lev Tahor"(Pure Heart) mindful events production company in Israel. They created festivals and gatherings introducing mindful living, spirituality, environmentalism, organic and conscious consumerism.
 In 2007 they founded “SPIRIT film Festival” in Tel Aviv. A festival that is dedicated to raising human consciousness and inspiring transformation through cinema.  

Harsita, Doron Eshel , MBA, is the visionary ,creator,and the director of SPIRIT cinema. Eshel is also widely recognized artist, his art was shown in different galleries in USA, Israel and Europe
At the pick of his wall street career Harsita experienced a "wake up" call and he embark on an inner journey ,a search for a deeper meaning to life. he spent nearly a decade, exploring different cultures, traditions, rituals, traveled all over the globe and expressing his insight in his unique ways on canvas ,or woods ,fabric and papers.

his love for film and art combined with his concern for the planet inspired him to focus his activity in creating a platform for conscious media creators. since 2006 he is dedicate to his vision to empower the evolution of consciousness.

Anamika is Spiritual teacher and a life coach devoted to serving awakening and wellbeing of all beings. Co Creator of SPIRIT cinema and art director of SPIRIT film Festival.
Since 2006 Anamika specializing in scouting movies as the art director of SPIRIT film Festival, her passion is to showcase cinematic gems that empower those who see them to live kinder, wiser, more enlightened lives.



Beyond Festival

SPIRIT cinema also features year-round screenings and programs. “Cinema Nirvana” a curated collection of single screenings of the year’s best conscious films paired inspiring talk with spotlight guests.  
SPIRIT cinema continues to evolve to reach a wider audience and to include a broader range of experiences. In 2019 “Cinema Nirvana” program was introduce to different parts of Israel including Jerusalem, Herzelia, Hadera, Hod-Hasharon, Rannana, Omer and more.

SPIRIT Film Festival Around The World 

In 2020 SPIRIT Film Festival will Travel to Australia, Hungary and Costa Rica.

SPIRIT Australia
Melbourne June 2020
Sydney June 2020

SPIRIT Budapest
Winter 2020
 coming soon

 coming soon

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